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About Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center

Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center sign

Welcome to Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center!

Family-Friendly Chiropractic

We’ve been in our current location since 1989 and are proud to serve adults, children and families in Niles. “It’s our pleasure to treat you like you’re a member of our own family.”

A Plan Tailored for You

So how do we tailor a chiropractic care plan that will fit your needs?

  • We start with relieving your pain and doing an examination.
  • We then begin an intensive care phase plan.
  • Once you’re out of the intensive care phase, we then start the corrective phase or stabilization phase.
  • When you come back for a second visit, we discuss our findings.
  • We encourage you to attend our workshop and talk to you about structural corrections of the spine through CBP®.

“Most importantly, you can choose your next level of care: structural care or relief care.”

Our Vision

“We do not want you to just live longer … but live better.”- Dr. Jeff Bolton

We want to make this world a much better place, and we believe that improving your health and quality of life through natural chiropractic care is one way to do that. True health is more than just leading a pain-free and disease-free life; our primary focus is to help you achieve optimum health by not just eliminating pain but also correcting the problems of the body and improving its different functions.

Our Patients

We have the privilege of treating families and people involved in auto accidents.

What Makes Us Different from the Others?

“Being certified in CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics®) technique speaks to our commitment to excellence. Good chiropractors know what to do; better chiropractors know how to do it; the best chiropractors know why. ”

We deal with biomechanical interference from a structural perspective whereas many are dealing with just pain relief. Chiropractic is a great method in easing pain and providing relief, but relief does not do anything to structurally correct your spine.

Living Better … Not Just Longer

We’re not just concerned with people living longer but also living healthier. We don’t want you to live the last ten years of your life in deteriorating health.

“Structural correction maintains better posture, and it’s part of the chiropractic process.”

Good Medical Doctor Relationships

I have good relationships with many doctors here in Niles. Having been here for so many years, I know many doctors in the community and have referred patients to them, and they’ve sent me patients as well.

Curious on how chiropractic care can improve your own health and life? Email us today! We look forward to hearing from you. (269) 683-8151