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Niles Chiropractic Care | Our Techniques

“Our focus is to help our patients lead a happy, normal life.”

We’re focused on providing our patients pain relief by utilizing highly effective adjusting approaches. What are some of the techniques that we can offer to you?

CBP® technique

CBPThis is the primary technique that I use for structural correction of the spine. It’s designed to structurally rehabilitate the spine and helps to restore posture and prevent collapse of the spine. It also contributes towards regeneration of the spine.
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This is a general and effective chiropractic technique used widely for helping ease pain and rectify health conditions. Read more»

Niles chiropractor Dr. Jeff Niles adjusts

Dr. Jeff Bolton is here to help!


This is a more gentle technique and best intended for those who have had surgeries, auto accidents or injuries that require a gentler approach. Read more»


This is a structurally based hands-on technique intended to restore function to the joints and integrity of the nervous system. Read more»


This is used in conjunction with the CBP® technique and is another way of rehabilitating posture. This technique is a mirror image stimulation of the joint receptors, aiming at retraining the brain to know what ideal posture is. Read more»

Niles Chiropractic Care

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Power Plate

This technique is used for structural correction of the spine. I use this in conjunction with the CBP® technique. It’s a whole body vibration platform, employing low frequency mechanical stimulation to correct the posture and exercise musculoskeletal structures for enhancing muscle strength, power, and flexibility.

Advice for First-Time Patients

“I tell them that their adjustment will be as gentle as possible.”

We’ll try to correct your joints’ movement and function. The adjustments will be fast but not forceful, therefore making them as comfortable as possible. Many times, we use an ice pack or heat pack prior to adjustments to reduce pain and inflammation, aiding the healing process.

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