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Dr. Jeff Bolton – Niles Chiropractor

Dr. Jeff Bolton

Niles Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Bolton

“I have always been active in sports in one way or another, so it was natural to have an active interest in chiropractic care.”

Athletics Catalyst to Chiropractic Career

Dr. Bolton has always loved sports. He still takes part in Olympic-distance triathlons. “I like to stay healthy myself and help others stay active and healthy also.” That love of being active led him to a career in chiropractic.

Chiropractic Care Goals

“The most appealing part of being a chiropractor is helping people naturally. Helping them to deal with health conditions without any use of medications or painful surgery.”

Dr. Bolton’s goal in his practice is to not only relieve a patient’s pain but to also promote overall health and wellness.

Educational Highlights

Dr. Bolton attended Life University in Marietta, GA and graduated in 1987. Because of Life’s focus on health careers, as well as its attention to building great community leaders, he proudly said about Life University, “it’s a great environment full of active, healthy people”.

Dr. Bolton explained that during college he was able to work with high school students that were interested in health careers. “It was easy to encourage them to look at chiropractic as a prospective career sharing about Life’s educational programs and my personal experiences. Hopefully, they saw that we enjoy our career and look forward to helping others each day”.

Life Outside the Office

Dr. Bolton and his wife, Kathy, love staying active in their community. They enjoy camping, going to the beach, volunteering in their church and visiting Lake Michigan. Kathy participates in sprint triathlons, and Dr. Bolton takes on Olympic-distance triathlons.

Mentoring students is also a passion of Dr. Bolton’s. He assists in a school program sponsored by the Health Professions Career Academy. “Students who are interested in health careers are able to go into the community to do rotations … and explore a possible career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.”

He is a people person, ready to help families and children be the healthiest they can be.

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