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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Many spinal problems begin in newborns because they do a lot of tugging and pulling in the birth process. They don’t yet have the strength to hold their heads upright. Many times problems begin even before babies can turn over and walk, and, if left unchecked, they can face health problems later in life. Hence it’s helpful to check young infants and toddlers to see if they have problems in their spines.  Read More»

Chiropractic Care

“I tell my patients that their adjustment will be as gentle as possible.”

We’ll try to correct your joints’ movement and function. The adjustments will be fast but not forceful, therefore making them as comfortable as possible. Many times, we use an ice pack or heat pack prior to adjustments to reduce pain and inflammation, aiding the healing process.  Read More»

Products and Services

We are pleased to offer Health workshops, Custom Orthotics and Nutritional Counseling/ Weight Loss programs at Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center.  Read More»

To find out more about the many services offered at Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center, call (269) 683-8151 today!