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Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center Products and Services

Health Workshops

Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center offers a number of health events and workshops to help you learn more about your body.

Join us for one of our upcoming workshops, by Dr. Jeff Bolton:

  • Regaining your Youth & Vitality
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss

Contact our front desk for details and to register. (269) 683-8151

Niles Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss

sp-logoWe are pleased to offer Standard Process products in our office.

Everyone could use a boost in health,whether you are looking for total body wellness or have a specific condition or vitamin deficiency.

Ask Dr. Jeff Bolton what Standard Process Product he recommends for you.

Custom Orthotics

foot-levelersOrthotics aren’t just for people with fallen arches or sore feet, they are an excellent postural aide as well! The feet are the foundation of your body, it makes sense to have them positioned correctly if you’d like to maintain proper posture in the rest of your body.

Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center uses Foot Levelers brand of orthotics and offers customized foot examinations to make sure you get the right fit for you.

Contact us to learn more about the products and services offered at Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center. (269) 683-8151