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What to Expect at Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center

Dr. Jeff Bolton adjusting

Dr. Jeff Bolton welcomes you!

At Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center we’ll greet you with a friendly smile. We’ll make you comfortable and explain what you can expect on your visits to us.

Initial Visit

First, Kathy (our office manager) will take you on a tour of the office so you can see the layout and the equipment.

Kathy will then take you to the exam room where she’ll take front and side photos of your posture with an iPad. These photos are then sent to you via e-mail or printed for your viewing.

We’ll then view a video on chiropractic care.

You’ll meet Dr. Bolton and discuss your entire health history “I’ll ask if you’ve had any injuries or accidents in the past.”

Finally, we’ll do your complete exam and recommend any necessary X-rays . You may need to wear a gown during the initial exam and x-ray process.

You will be adjusted on your first visit.

Your visit may last an hour to one hour and 20 minutes.

Second Visit

We’ll show you the ‘Making Choices’ video. “I’ll come in and show you your X-rays, postural distortions and spinal misalignments that we want to treat.”

We’ll also discuss any posture problems or health problems you have. I’ll also ask you to come to our workshops

I’ll then give you a chiropractic adjustment.

Typically, this second visit may take around 20 minutes if you’re a non-CBP® patient. However, CBP® patient visits may take 45 minutes to an hour.

Open Concept Adjusting Room

We offer an “open concept” adjusting room where patients can enjoy talking, smiling and laughing. Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center believes that this kind of positive energy will help you heal. However, we also provide private adjusting rooms should you prefer.

Call Greater Niles Chiropractic Health Center today to learn more about our how chiropractic can help you. (269) 683-8151